Specials - Increase Your Revenue

What is Specials?

Specials is an automotive Publisher listings platform designed to promote "stale" vehicles by turning them into "Specials".

The Concentrated Auto Listings Industry

Growth in the auto listings industry has made it impossible for Publishers to compete with major automotive listings sites. Such sites focus on all listings, rather than specific listings. Plus running vehicles on major listings sites can be very expensive for dealers.

Publishers have been trying to replicate the "all listings" model on their own sites.

Specials - The right product for Publishers

Specials provides the optimal balance of listings and branding, while breaking away from the "all listings" model.

With Specials dealers can feature their deals/Specials and buyers can find them.

For Publishers

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For Dealers

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Specials for Publishers

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Intuitive Dealer Hub

The Specials Dealer Hub allows buyers to search for Specials by make/model and/or price.

Buyers can also select a dealer's name to see all current Specials for that dealer.

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Co-Exist With Current Platform

"Specials" are different from regular listings. Specials are specific, curated selections.

Specials belong on a separate page within the Automotive section of your site.

Specials for Dealers

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Saves Dealers Time

By targeting/selecting "stale" inventory.

The system will select vehicles as "Specials" if they meet any of the following conditions:

- Price has been reduced.
- Time on lot exceeds 90 days.
- Vehicle manually selected as a Special.

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Saves Dealers Money

By updating automatically.

The system is designed so dealers can "set it and forget it".

Dealers can use the Specials widget (above) on their website.